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Fast Tracking

Fast Tracking is a schedule compression technique often implemented in crisis and/or crunch times in which the duration of a critical path is shortened by performing activities or phases normally done in sequence are performed in parallel for at least a portion of their duration.

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How does a project manager lead in a project crisis and turn the ship around before it sinks? (By Sanjay)

Over the years I have read quite several articles and books on crisis management and from them, I have distilled a set of principles and practices that are valuable for the project managers. Besides these principles and practices, I have written down my own lessons learned from project crisis situations and learnings from various blogs and articles.

One of the very important topics is Crisis Management, which usually every project manager has to encounter during the project life cycle.


  1. Pay attention and Quick response to the Early Warning Signs
  2. If you can’t prevent a crisis, at least contain it.
  3. Make Quick Decisions
  4. Be realistic but optimistic.
  5. Be Strategy-Focused.     
  6. Face reality.
  7. Make communication a priority – Take ownership of communications. 
  8. Encourage Others in Problem Solving and Leadership.
  9. Document everything of crisis management.
  10. Respond appropriately to the media.
  11. Don’t Suffer from the Anticipation of the Risk.

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