- March 2020
Crisis Management for Project Managers

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The Unified Project Management Dictionary

Project Schedule

Project Schedule is an output of schedule model that presents linked activities ( with planned dates, durations, milestones, and resources) of the project from the pre-planning stages of the project through all ongoing project processes that may take place during the active project period, to any and all project-related process that may occur at the conclusion and or closing stages of the project.

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Crisis Management for Project Managers - March 2020

in this edition

Dealing with uncertainty is one of the toughest things countries and organizations face. This is due to the nature of breaking a certain routine and responding in a manner that's unusual for a community. 

Lately, the current novel coronavirus ( 2019nCov) outbreak has been spreading across the globe infecting thousands of people in dozens of countries. The world economy has shaken, and governments such as China and Italy had implemented a lock down of huge territories. 

In this edition, we are publishing articles from project management perspective on how to deal with crisis management along with document released by the World Health Organization on how to get the work place ready for COVID19.