- May 2019
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The Unified Project Management Dictionary

Change Request

A formal request to modify a document to several project areas including the scope of the project, the policies, procedures, plans, or processes, schedules, etc...; and that changes are not to be implemented until they are formally approved. Change requests can be made directly or indirectly and can be initiated internally or externally.

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Project Manager DNA - Coaching - May 2019

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Project manager DNA consists of various skills that makes them successful. This will be the first edition in a series of editions covering different skills under the same topic in order to complete a set.

This edition also includes a special feature called “Perspectives” in which 2 authors joined efforts and wrote 2 articles under one topic. The purpose was to share knowledge from different perspectives by professionals operating in different countries and organizations. The fruit of this experiment is a key milestone in our journey, as it opens the door for professionals to get together and share their knowledge from different perspectives.

In this edition, we look also to a set of articles on different subjects related to Project Management published in April 2019.