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Your monthly dose of Project Management articles.

Every Breath is Counted

Mind Body Emotions….connecting link is Breathing. As breathing is autonomous process we take it for granted and do not pay any attention to it. As per human science a body is capable of living 120 years as per the calculation of breath or we can say as per the default design  human being can live 120 years. Looking at the default design the number of breath should be 15 counts/minute (inhale +exhale=one count). But the urban life style doesn't allow us to slow down, hence breathing gets disturbed, resulting rapid breathing. Fast breathing, more than 15-16 breath /minute is a warning to ill health. Like one is exhausting fuel unnecessarily, assuming body is a vehicle to experience life and breathing is fuel. The more you exhaust fuel, the less is mileage. Every breath is counted. Once breathing gets disturbed everything falls apart. Sleep gets disturbed, followed by fractured physical and mental health.

Conscious breathing or awareness to breathing helps us to correct everything, like sleep, sexual energy, calm mind, concentration, visualization, super mental ability, secrets happy hormones, where health is a byproduct. When one starts paying attention to breathing it opens us to so many new things about self which so far are unknown to us. 

Once there is harmony between these three layers, we start getting insights about ourselves. Usually everyone gets this message, because of our ignorance or chaotic mind we can not listen to this or we can not trust. With practice it takes us on a different frequency level, where everything is guided for example body starts conveying messages what to eat and what to not eat, when to take rest or take a pause.If we don’t listen to the message, body knows how to heal it, sometime it happens through vomiting, loose motion, fever, frequent urination, excessive water intake, cold cough. But when after repeated warnings, we do not listen to all these messages, body and mind starts showing symptoms of ill health.

Whole focus should be calming down mind by paying attention to breath. The slower and deeper breath is, chances of getting healthier increased. One starts experiencing the mystery of universe. Once one understands the science of body, mind and emotions mystery of universe reveals to them. Healing starts on its own, effortlessly……



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Chaina Karmakar

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Chaina is a Transformational Life Coach and Spiritual Healer whose mission is to educate people to lead an effortless life. She feels that “Life always offers us and human misery comes from seeing the lack in it. It’s our attitude that constructs or destructs our life. Once we understand and imbibe this concept, life becomes effortless.”

Her ability to read the deep psyche of human beings helps a person to get healed at a faster pace. An efficient Corporate Coach who helps her clients to deal with dull corporate culture with sharp alertness and awareness. To solve each and every case is like solving a Jigsaw puzzle and that is also with the same amount of compassion, energy, and patience.

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