Your monthly dose of insightful Project Management articles

Your monthly dose of Project Management articles.

 Massimo Antoniello

Organisations Architect ★PMO ★GOTO Market ★ScaleUP ★PLM ★F&B

I'm an experienced Business and Transformation Leader, and all-round executive following 20+ years in a variety of Organisation development, Operations, Sales and General Management roles at local, regional and global level.

Worked for a variety of companies in different industries (PLM, F&B, Nielsen, Automotive, Financials) and led successful business transformations.

Strong leadership and unstoppable passion for all innovation with deep understanding of business operations in building and leading high-performance teams, financial performance, customer engagement, and change management.

Used to manage matrix organisation in remote and multicultural environment, I'm Client centric driven by a proven belief in the People-Service-Profit philosophy.