Your monthly dose of insightful Project Management articles

Your monthly dose of Project Management articles.

 Jane Ryan

Certified International Emotional Intelligence | Futurist Executive Coach | Leadership Transformation | Career Coach

Jane is an expert in the neuroscience of emotional intelligence and in helping her client’s understand emotional intelligence and its impact on life, leadership, society and the world! She is a scholarly practitioner and her research includes evidence-based techniques that measurably strengthen emotional intelligence competencies.

She coaches senior executives to think bigger and deeper into the future of technology to explore beyond what is known and to visualize the future effect of new and emerging technologies upon business, people, vendors, customers, and the competition to build innovative and sustainable growth.


Publications include:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence and Why Should I Care?
  • Emotional Intelligence and the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Lead or Get Out of the Way!
  • Your Emotional Intelligence Matters to Lead Successfully!