Your monthly dose of insightful Project Management articles

Your monthly dose of Project Management articles.

December 2021 Edition

The last edition of the year 2021 is a special one!

Arman Kamran, the featured author of this edition, has been sharing with us magnificent articles. We take pride in sharing some of his knowledge and having him as every edition author so far! as he with us his article about combing the power of scaled agile and cloud centre of excellence in digital transformation. If you are not familiar with those terms, Arman with his excellent writing style will introduce you to them in a very smooth narrative.  It even gets better with Arman, he also shares another article about Consumer Centricity Vs Business outcome. This is indeed a very hot topic and a dilemma that strikes most organizations.

Another article from Milvio about PMO-PM are opposed where he demonstrates how synergy on the organizational level is extremely important for business continuity. If you are also interested in learning the five techniques to avoid project failures, then you must land on Milvio's second article! Is Assurance a critical friend? That question is answered by Milvio in his 3rd article with us!

The story of next-level leadership in project management continues to its stage 3 in Quanom leadership with Traci & Vinay, learn more about ownership as Neo continues his journey in this project!

We also bring to you 4 articles on multitasking which is a hidden threat, enjoy!