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Your monthly dose of Project Management articles.

3 min | How to build a productive partnership with your manager?

? Malda Tabbah

Project and Program Manager | Business Analyst | Technology Business Solutions Advisor

Partnering with your manager brings in rewards to the employee and the workplace. A Manager and his employee form a partnership when they align with a shared vision and set forth a mission that feeds both the employee’s and the manager’s aspirations and values.

Building a positive relationship, growing it to be an authentic partnership, and fortifying it to be productive relies on the employee’s willingness to create an impact aspired by the manager. At the same time, bringing forth the unlimited desire in an employee to give back to his work with love and passion depends on the manager’s willingness to put the trust, empowers, and treats with respect and empathy the employee. This mutual positive driving energy fuels the cycle of give-and-take and generates a self-nurturing and solid partnership; thus, accelerating the pace towards the set vision and makes the mission smooth.

Going back to the question, “How to build a productive partnership with your manager?”; the answer would be simple. Each of the partners (the employee and the manager) have to:
- find common grounds for inspiration (vision)
- align on a roadmap to achieve this vision (mission)
- capitalize on each other’s strength
- neutralize each other’s weaknesses
- embrace each other’s values
- show mutual trust and respect.

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