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Your monthly dose of Project Management articles.

The Importance of Documentation in Project Management

In the article, we discuss the Importance of Documentation in Project Management; let me ask you how you consider documentation managing in Project Management? Is it vital? If it is essential, is our businesses adapt appropriate Document management procedures? In the Current Era, Proper Documentation of Business activities is mandatory to run a business more efficiently.

What is the definition of documentations?

“Documentation as official papers, or written material that provides proof of something” - Cambridge dictionary. 

The purpose of Documentation is to provide proof of traceability or reference something done. 

“Document Control is a vital part of the Management performing the various functions with the coordination of different Departments.”

What practices make an effective Document Management System for Companies, Where we make sure that project requirements are fulfilled and establish traceability concerning what has done, who has done it, and when it has done.

To developing Effective Document Management System, as respective of Project Management, planning is most important, which help to analysis business requirement and flow of business activities that ensure right information delivered to the concerned department or stakeholder, ensure controlled versions of information received and send by Project stakeholders,

it also defined to monitor, traceability, accountability, and retrieval of project documents more efficiently.

“If we talk about quality as the perspective of Project Management, Documents evidence is the only way to verify or audit as work complies with quality standard or not.”

Quality Documents check to ensure completeness of documents helps to retrieve information on fingertips.   

In the current era, we have several tools to manage documents electronically, which is one of the Unique development in document Management Field and make this profession more attractive, Document Management helps Business Leaders or Project Manager to get information more accurately as compared to earlier and help them to analyze risk which may occur may be in the form of time, cost, and others, Effective document Management helps us to follow up on the open issue and ensure proper coordination or collaboration between Internal and external stakeholders and most importantly help the project team to indicate nearby and delay event of Project or business and helps to set a goal of Project team member adequately. 

Information is the lifeblood for any organization, business or project find difficulties if we don’t implement effective document management on project or business 

In Project or any business, we have different stages or phases, but if we do not manage information or data properly or centralize a record management system, we might end up with a mess.

Below Image of Information Management Illustration of Construction Packages


Information is the Lifeblood for any organization and Business and, well to some extent, it is true that who is managing Project Documentation (Document Controller) plays a role of heart to ensure proper flow of information to concerned departments or stakeholders  

I hope this article may help you to gain some knowledge about the Importance of Documentation, please if you have any questions regarding the article, and feel free to ask me.

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