Your monthly dose of insightful Project Management articles

Your monthly dose of Project Management articles.

January 2020 Edition

We always hear about Artificial Intelligence, and lately it has been a hot topic in project management. What will the impact of IA have on PM? How will it serve project managers?
New research from Pulse of the Profession confirms AI disruption is happening: "81 percent of respondents report their organization is being impacted by AI technologies. And 37 percent of respondents say adopting these AI technologies is a high priority for their organization, sparking a shift in project management approaches. Over the next three years, project professionals expect the proportion of projects they manage using AI will jump from 23 to 37 percent."

AI technology is very good at high data volume actions that are very tactical in nature. There is no doubt in my mind...If you don't invest in that technology that is today available, you'll be gone! and the key challenge, once again, is the transformation process.
We have been monitoring this topic closely, and it is our fortune to have one of the pioneers in that field Oliver Yarbrough as a key author in this edition to address it from his perspective.We have also included a number of exclusively written articles for our magazine on IA within PM that you will certainly add value to your knowledge.