Rouzbeh Kotobzadeh

I have been involved in projects for more than 15 years although I started my journey with PMI 8 years ago. I got almost all the PMI credentials except PgMP. When I got my PMP I found out about the gap I have in my professional knowledge of Project Management. In my opinion, there is no END to project management evolution and improvement, so being updated is a MUST for who is interested in this field. Consequently I decided to continue my way expanding my knowledge using other PMI standards and went on to get various PMI certificates. To me they aren't just certificates, they are windows to a new world of profession. To the world of risk management, Agile Project Management, Business Analysis and .... Based on these achievements I could change my business career as well as my life. I could combine my experiences with my knowledge and had a very positive impact on industries in my country. I am thankful to PMI for giving all of us this opportunity to share our knowledge and keep our projects in the best possible way and for using experts to improve the knowledge. I am passionate to learn and to contribute in project management knowledge. None of these would be possible without the opportunity provided by PMI. Happy 50th anniversary!