Sunando Chaudhuri

My PMI journey has been quite unique and really enriching, to say the least. Recently I was in a room of PM professionals and people were saying how long their associations have been with PMI and eventually when I said it's over 15 years, a lot of people were quite pleasantly surprised as this long an association is not very common in this part of the world. My PMI association has not only helped me get the certifications like PgMP and PMP but more so has helped develop a thorough understanding of how businesses work, their strengths and weaknesses, their ability to cater to their customers. It is not only the PM practices that you learn through your association with PMI, but also the way organizations work, the dynamics which in overall helps you to develop as an individual along with a project manager. Another great aspect being with PMI is you get to know your community, interact with like-minded individuals and this provides you with an immense learning and knowledge sharing experience that guides your career in many ways which we don’t realise immediately. Over the years’ this transforms you into an informed and knowledgeable individual. In summary, my journey with PMI over the last decade and more has been extremely enriching which has helped me develop as an individual both professionally and personally. I look forward to continuing this journey in the future too.