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The person formally authorized by the performing organization to manage a program and is responsible for meeting its objectives as part of organizational project management methods.

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on project management

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the Project Management process would provide more help and a positive impact to project managers in different dimensions. First of all, "time-saving" AI has the capability to handle scheduling the activities, follow-ups, and reminders which can reduce human intervention. This would allow the project manager for directing additional efforts and spending more time with the team. This leads to more empowerment, team development, and knowing closely their needs.      

Project management can also benefit from the ability of AI in complex analytic. Artificial intelligence has the ability to watch and get educated from all project movements and then provide logical predictions for the progress of the project and its outputs.

Different aspects can be monitored also by AI such as scheduling, budgets, the behavior of the team, the overtime. AI can learn how to determine any possible impact here, in addition, AI can recognize the habits or the small differences between the project team which is not usually noticed. This would allow AI to predict any future conflict and provide suggestions to eliminate them.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence and machine learning can utilize the collected risk and logs information of previous projects to produce the risk list based on using sophisticated algorithms and by treating historical information for several years to come up with the prediction of the projects' outcome either to the success or failure. the project managers can touch several advantages in terms of saving time, resources and money by the great involvement of AI.

AI can be also useful to forecast the investment/funding needs of projects through the analysis of project information for many years which is related to organizing projects, increasing productivity, optimizing resources, avoiding scheduling conflict, discovering the attrition rates, etc.

At the same time, the benefiting of the influence usage of intelligent process automation (IPA) to assign the routine tasks to robots while the complex and important activities to the project team. The automation of the routine activities to AI would create an excellent opportunity for the organization to optimize the investment value of the project and identify the saving figures that could be used in the other investments.

The integration of AI in the project management processes is more than automation for the routine tasks in the project life cycle where it can go further to analyze the period that was taken by the team to complete a certain task(s). And then to utilize this information for generating more reports, future predictions, recommendations, and suggestions to find solutions for any possible issues.  

As we have elaborated more here about the attractive and positive side of AI in project management, some drawback exists also. Actually, the emerging AI in project management is still in the early stages and also required a lot of effort in data training and preparation to be suitable as useful input for algorithms, the wrong preparation can cause inaccurate and misleading results.  

As conclusion, supporting project management by Artificial intelligence would create new and various approaches in managing projects, starting from keeping a live list of current project issues, the assistance for having smarter decisions and provide more flexibility and agility for a project manager.

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