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Program Charter

Program Charter is an approved document that authorizes the program management team to use organization resources to execute the program and connect it with the organization strategic objective.

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71% of the company outsource their projects to an expert team. Even tech giant company like Apple do the same. Let me assume In this current competitive market scenario you are going to hire a new in-house team for your website or mobile application or maybe digital marketing. It seems like you are starting a completely new venture and you don't have any expert knowledge on that. This can be too risky for your business as it may ruin your effort to build your dream for the core business.

But at the same time, if someone just outsources it to an expert team it not reduce the stress only but it saves big money too. 

Here are many reasons why a company may choose to outsource certain business functions. Some of the most common reasons include:

Get access to skilled expertise: Taking interviews again and again, to choose the right candidates for your business website is simply a headache. Outsource makes this process simple. You can get direct access to the skilled professionals just a call away! They already have sound knowledge of those chosen technologies. You can focus more on your core business!

Focus on core activities: Increasing workload is directly proportional to additional non-core responsibilities. It directly hampers your business growth! You do best to grow your business. Choose right third-party players to play that website development role. Project Manager will take care of the regular progress and deliver you the reports!

Cut costs and save BIG!: All the benefits come up with the bonus benefit of lower cost and bigger savings! You can reduce your budget up to 50% by outsourcing your project to India. Also, you don’t need to maintain an infrastructure for the development. Keep your pocket happy and get quality works at the same time. You can even start with two teams at a time to make your progress faster that is also less than your in-house expenses.

Run your business 24X7: Your outsourcing partner has a different time zone. They can work at your nighttime while you check and give feedback in the morning. It makes the process rolls almost 24X7 and you get the best execution for your website needs. They can handle all the critical pieces of stuff while you are sleeping, keeping your stress low. You just check the report of your regular progress at your convenience. While you and your in-house team can utilize the working hours only.

Staffing Flexibility: Outsourcing sometimes allows your business to maintain your financial flexibility in a situation when demand is somehow uncertain. You can cut your cost by outsourcing your works. Also with a low budget, you can run your projects in full phase even during the off-season or during holiday times through offshore outsourcing. You can always fill your supply-demand gap by outsourcing your projects remotely.

Choice of the Right Technology: It is a significant benefit to have an outsourcing team. You can use the knowledge of the whole team. There is Quality Checker, Project Manager, Marketing personnel, UX designer to give your idea a perfect digital solution. Even you can hire them if you need any serious assistance. Outsourcing enables you to use a global knowledge base

Better Risk Management: Share your risks with the outsourcing partners as well. Sign a B2B contract with the partner. If you are not getting quality works you can come out of the agreement without involving labor law. It is much easier than dealing with the hiring and other HR issues involved with employees. You can simply choose a new outsourcing partner!

Give business a competitive edge: The ultimate benefit of outsourcing your website remotely is to give your business a competitive edge. You can get the best technologies and best strategic plan. If you go with a great outsourcing partner, their inputs will always keep your business one step ahead in this competitive market. Your chances to generate new customers get an extra boost with latest strategy and technologies.

Overall increase in your business: From the cost saving to use expert resources, when you are going through a well-organized process it is pretty confirmed that you are doing something great! Expert strategy and planning will put your business on a correct track. You can do more for your core business. As a result, you can see an overall increase in your business.


Here are some suggestions from my end on the execution process for a project you're outsourcing to another company:

1. Establish Contact First:

  • Ask the team to send inquiry form with all questionnaires 
  • Get a complete proposal from the sales team.

2. Requirement Analysis: 

  • Let them analysis your requirement by their experts
  • Check their inputs carefully and approve

3. Pricing and Contracting:

  • Discuss your requirement and compare their pricing well
  • Understand the milestones with the features list carefully

4. Project Initiation:

  • Make a group introduction with the assigned team for your project
  • Let them kickoff with keeping your goal in mind

5. Project Steady State:

  • Take time to time updates on the progress
  • Test each and every module carefully with the help of PM or TL.

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