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Your monthly dose of Project Management articles.

Yateen Sagdeo

Yateen Sagdeo

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I am accomplished Project/Program Manager with a record of delivering solutions in a dynamic world. To me every organisation is unique and my motivation is to understand particular goals and challenges of the organisations I work with, in order to identify the value that Oracle or other applications that can deliver for them. I work closely with my Stakeholders to identify their expectations in detail so that I transform into a business value via adapting new technology and processes to their organisation.

Project/Program Management – Adept at leading projects and change across the organization. Experienced at managing multiple projects simultaneously in different geographies without lowering the importance of any with special emphasis on Time, Cost and Scope.

Problem Simplification and Resolution – Skilled in simplifying complex concepts and problems to identify root causes, developing sound business cases and breaking projects into manageable components.

Operational Management – Proficient at attracting, developing and retaining key team members while providing mentoring to ensure that the company has the talent in place to meet future needs. Ensures applications, infrastructure and processes meet operational needs.

Compliance – I ensure processes, compliance and audits are critical business drivers. I am recognized as a change agent and advisor to senior leadership. My strengths lies in my technology expertise combined with business acumen to achieve meaningful improvement in process transformation and risk reduction.

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