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 Henrico Dolfing Image

Henrico Dolfing

Project Recovery Consultant - Trusted advisor for doing the right projects and doing projects right.

I have written a number of articles for pmmagazine.

I have gotten to know the pmmagazine team as a group of passionate professionals who believe in sharing knowledge, and are interested in contributing to the project management community. Their vision of combining high quality articles from around the net, exclusive new articles, and voices from the community starts to shape more and more.

I am happy to be a contributor and consumer of this project, and I am looking forward to the continued success of pmmagazine. - Henrico Dolfing

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Eman ElRashidy

IT Projects Manager | Program Manager

For someone like me who is passionate about project management, my contributions were always to the closed network around me, PM magazine allowed me to go outside my comfort zone and share my thoughts with a larger audience and gave me the opportunity to express my opinion without any intervention or bias.

PM magazine is keen to get input from different backgrounds encouraging diversity and different opinions to be shared through its window to ensure adding value and sharing knowledge to the project management community.

Happy first anniversary PM Magazine, may you always be successful and be the voice of project managers for the project managers!

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Luiz Paulo Bloise

Project Manager and Agile consultant | CEO at Lupasoft

For a project to be successful it needs people. Engaged and motivated people who believe in the same thing and the same goals and who are prepared to solve all the problems that a project run into. To be prepared for the various problems that we will face in a project, resources like pmmagazine.net are an excellent source of knowledge and exchange of ideas. Thanks to the many articles created by project managers from different parts of the world and shared through the online magazine, we can learn more about the challenges and achievements that each faced and that can help us reach our goals on our own projects.

Thank you pmmagazine for giving us this wonderful tool.

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Grace Windsor

Content Marketing Specialist Helping Project Teams to Deliver PPM on SharePoint

All project managers are short on time, making a one-stop resource like PM Magazine invaluable! The team at PM Magazine are doing a brilliant job of creating a place to quickly access practical project management guidance and expert tips. I really enjoyed contributing to a recent edition and look forward to future content.
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Raluca Mitan

Agile Coach | Trainer | Inventor | Remote Enthusiast | Forever Learner

My name is Raluca and I learned that we are capable of anything we would like to achieve. We set out goals based on our passions and talents, feelings and wishes. It is said that when you set up a goal, the whole Universe will help you reach it. For me, a piece of the Universe is called PM Magazine and thanks to the GREAT Team, I managed to achieve my goals.

But how do they do it?
Easy, through Yes, And… Some of you already know that Yes, And .. are the two most important words on which progress and evolution are based. Yes we are open for new ideas, And together we build upon them to achieve collective creativity and useful outcomes.
PM Magazine Team said Yes, we like your ideas, And we can support you and proposed even more. The Team was open to our thoughts (together with Jonathan Ray) and were flexible to CHANGE their web appearance to support our challenge. 

PM Magazine Team  encourages their readers to innovate and support their ideas for the benefit and growth of the community.
I still have many ideas and plans I will share with the Team to build a garden of knowledge and I highly encourage everybody who believes in their passion and thoughts to reach out to the PM Magazine Team and help the community grow!
Big thanks and looking forward for future collaboration!!

 Milvio DiBartolomeo Image

Milvio DiBartolomeo

OGC Gateway Assurance Expert | Author | Agile, Project, Programme & Portfolio Management and Better Business Cases Specialist

Proud to be associated with pmmagazine.net, a leading project portfolio management forum - with no equal - where project portfolio management professionals from across the world share their knowledge, experiences and insights. A great feature of pmmagazine.net is that each month a different portfolio, programme, project or agile topic is explored by different authors; with favourite quotes published to challenge preconceived thoughts.

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Yuri Ficher

LATAM PMO Manager – BNP Paribas Personal Finance

I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to share my article in the last May issue. It is really nice to have an initiative like yours to help spread the word on Project Management best practices, opinions and ideas.

I also take this opportunity to continue offering my support, providing articles for the next editions, when they are suitable. PMMagazine.net is an incredible tool, that provides amazing insights by giving the opportunity for great professionals around the world to share their experiences and ideas with the international project management community. In a moment like the one we are living, when the Project Management is passing through a major change in its concepts, is always good to have a reliable source of reference to go on and receive some insight to support your decisions.

Also, the idea of serving as a “hub” of articles, concentrating great quality contents in a single website make our daily tasks easier, when looking for information.

I wish PMMagazine.net lots of success and many years of life, to support the Project Managers in their daily challenges and supporting the transformation of our industry!


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Oliver Yarbrough

Executives & PMOs ►►► Maximize the Value of Your Project Managers and Team Performance

I've had the pleasure of collaborating with the team at PM Magazine to publish some of my most popular articles. Additionally, I've enjoyed reading articles from other featured authors in the magazine. I look forward to continuing to work with them to bring relevant topics to the global project management community.