Sanjay Bhure

Sanjay Bhure

Founder & CEO

  • Years as a PM9

Sanjay's Feedbacks

Lots of information shared in a project by stakeholders, but sometimes, some stakeholders don’t. I think it’s mainly because of lack of communication and knowledge about processes, they don’t know “how, when and what to share with whom”. The another reasons might be scare to share, ego issue, office politics. Sometimes people scare to misuse of information or misunderstood the information.
To overcome with this problem, roles and responsibility of all the stakeholders must be define clearly. That will define the flow of information and level of information access to each and every stakeholder. Accordingly, trainings should be conducted to make the clear understanding to the stakeholders. Also trainings could be conducted for team activity, behavior science, compliance, communication management. “Right information, sharing with right people, on right time, at right place is always right.” Best Regards, Sanjay Bhure Founder & CEO SB Management & Engineering Consulting Cell: +919960290307 Mailto: Website:

When I come to office in morning, I start my office day with meeting and greeting colleagues and my team. After this will check the emails, but not reply to every email, just filter it out with priorities, it’s just half an hour work. Check the project status i.e. schedule and scope. Also check the things which must be completed by end of the week. Then check to-do list for the day, e.g. scheduled meetings, tasks, activities. After all these gather the team for a formal daily team meeting.

As Communication is most the important for any project. Starting day with meeting & greeting with team member in an informal way, I think, is a most important part of daily routine. It creates healthy professional relationship within team. And most of the project information I get from this only. I think the Communication and Stakeholder Management are the two most important factors those are critical to success of any project. So I started my day with the Communication and Stakeholder Management and focus on these two most.