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Hani Hmedeh

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Stakeholders do not resit to share information! Stakeholders resit to a change, and as a result, they do not share information.

In psychology, the concept of resistance to change refers to people experiencing emotional anxiety caused by the prospect of a transformation or change that is taking place. Therefore, it was thought that to eliminate this resistance was enough to motivate people to accept the change as an opportunity for improvement & development. However, to do this, there are several problematic areas, relating to the person's personality, life experience, or the current situation.

Let’s start from here... We know that a statico can’t persist for a long time, and the change is the only constant in life. However, we want to change and at the same time remain the same, or do the same things. This dichotomy generates resistance, often at an unconscious level. From this perspective, those are the common blocking factors that drive a person to resist a change:

- Lack of understanding the necessity of the change
- The fear from the unknown and the failure
- The imposed changes
- Changing the routine
- Lack of Motivation
- The bad timing
- The instability resulted from many consecutive changes
- Conflict with the beliefs
- The resistance behaviour
It's been 10 exciting years, I look for more and more! Being part of this community not only made motivated me getting 2 certificates, but also becoming an entrepreneur. I believe in this community and that it plants a fruitful culture within organizations and also within us internally. My certifications had shaped my career, and I am so grateful to have chosen this path.