Fanny Gallardo

Fanny Gallardo

Artificial Intelligence Consultant

  • Years as a PM7

Fanny's Feedbacks


We are living in an era where AI is taking more importance everyday in our jobs. As a project manager, we’ve had to adapt to lots of changes during the last years, including our way of working because of agility, and now with AI we can’t stand behind.

When we think on AI we think of robots and probably don’t see how it impacts us, but it does. With AI technologies, we can have a lot of help, for example in predicting our times of completion in our Gantts where by changing some variables, we can know how our times will vary. Another example is looking at our indicators, there are AI platforms that will deliver indicators and conclusions depending on the numbers. This 2 things are examples of things that would take time for us to do and now we have the opportunity of focusing on what is really important and getting the project moving on the time promised.

Some also think that AI will take over us, but it’s not true. Even though some technologies will start automating and helping us with their results, we are still needed! We are needed to make the decisions with those results. We must think that AI has come to help us and get “paper work” out of our way so we can focus on the important parts of our job and get that project moving!