Uzoamaka Okoli


Within the ambit of professionalism, emotional Intelligence is key to unlocking great potentials while forging formidable relationships among team members as our roles as project managers  is embedded in obtaining results through people and other resources.

 It simply means therefore that for us to succeed, we must possess the ability to build synergy and encourage team spirit in our work taking into cognizance the personalities of each and every member of the team without sabotaging the basic work place ethics. I have come to realize in this work that communication is key. The manner in which information is passed across, the tone or language of the speaker and even some thing as simple as body language can be interpreted the wrong way.   Communicate each step of the project appropriately with project team members best done during meetings. If conflicts among team members arises, it is best handled inter personally as soon as possible to avoid breeding contempt.

 A good project Manager is a natural buddy to everyone, you need this trait to gain access to some information which naturally you wouldn’t have been privy to but very necessary for the success of your project.

 All in all, a good project manager is tactful, diplomatic and a true leader are true qualities you must possess when dealing with people to ensure that you hit your milestone.