Simon Robvertson

That depends on the purpose of the project. If we are talking new concepts/proof of concepts/software related delivery/websites etc /process development/software integration I find Agile a shoe-in. However, if you are looking for a methodology to deliver hard products - i.e construction, networks and infrastructure then Waterfall does it fine. That said I have successfully brought some agile thinking into Waterfall projects - stand-ups, Kanban, collaborative decision making, co-located teams and servant-leadership thinking. If you are looking at Enterprise scale Agile - Portfolio/Programme/project - where there is requirements for traceability and audit trails, as well as more rigorous documentation then a Hybrid approach really works - taking the best of Agile and bringing the governance of waterfall into play. There are two best known models for Enterprise level Hybrid approaches - developed by Dean Leffingwell - SAFe, and, Scott Ambler - Disciplined Agile.