Yingjin Liu


There are several key points for build team accountability as a project manager:

  • 1st, we must be a good role model as integrity, respect, and courage. As a project manager, what we are doing set foundation of culture of our team. Being integrity, honest and transparent is most important to make a team instead of a group of people. Respect to everyone in your team and show great courage when there is challenge and provide confident to key stakeholders and your team.
  • 2nd, set up clear goal/KPI of your project and team and make sure aligned. Give on time feedback of good progress or behavior or quick actions to stop risks becomes an issue.
  • 3rd, Fu pan or retrospective, it is always a good practice for a team help each other to learn from our experiences or lessons.
  • 4th, on time team building and celebration on each milestone to keep team morale.