Massimo Longo

The PMI is not only a certification that gives prestige to the curriculum of every person, but is a way of thinking, acting, dealing with the situations that we have to manage every day both at work and in our personal lives. It is to learn techniques and tools that are increasingly useful to manage both our job and what surrounds us on a daily basis. I approached the PMI many years ago but I see that my learning path is always continuous; I never stop learning new techniques and ways of putting myself in front of the many daily problems. Over the years I have acquired a new way of dealing with and seeing things. I have enriched myself as a person. I can apply the many tools that I have learned in the various certifications obtained in my everyday life. It's a path that never seems to end, every certification taken has enriched me with new notions and new ways of seeing things, complementary to each other. It is like a puzzle that gets clearer as times goes by.