Your monthly dose of insightful Project Management articles

Your monthly dose of Project Management articles.

February 2022 Edition

This edition covers different dimensions of project management which makes it an enjoyable read. From hybrid project management with Yuri Fisher to Customer Value delivery through " As- A Service" and the survival art of counter distal disruption by both Arman Kamran, to the last stage of Quantum leadership "Mastery" with Traci Philips and Vinay Raman, and a beautiful narrative about a case study illustrating the importance of this approach in leadership.

The second part of the edition is focused on Risk management in different approaches from world-class authors. We bring you 14 articles that add a lot to your knowledge in risk management. Some of the interesting topics covered are risk mitigation in a scrum, barriers to risk identifications, how to manage risks in agile projects, the actual risk of not implementing risk management, and many more around the same topic.

February 2022 Edition's Articles