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Your monthly dose of Project Management articles.

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1) Each department has its own challenges, only an expert functional leader will be able to analyze these challenges and develop the learning on how to deal with them. Since the human factor has always been the number one cause in having a success of a project, we have created a poll to address what could be the most challenging part for an HR manager when it comes to project management main factor, the project manager. - HR polls
More than 50% agrees that the most challenging part is retaining a project manager. The reason for that could most probably be that a project manager role is complex and requires not only tools but also demands processes, culture, resources, and many other aspects that make a project manager challenging to retain.

2) Project manager alarm gets activated based on certain indicators. A successful project manager will be able to sense a lack of accountability in the team based on some indicators which we share in the below poll. There could be other ones, however, it is interesting to see how the results are spread between the 4 answers below. We think that all of the below are clear indicators, so stay alert and always consider that any of the below could mean that there is a " lack of accountability" . - Team Accountability 2 - Poll

3) A successful project manager develops a spirit of accountability in all team members. But how is that achievable? How to build this accountability? our Poll below shows that 65% thinks that it's all about defining clear objectives. Surely, if it's clear what to do then the team will feel accountable. But, without clear directions, teams could start throwing responsibilities on each other which leads to less rate of success. - Team Accountability - Poll

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