Your monthly dose of insightful Project Management articles

Your monthly dose of Project Management articles.

February 2020 Edition

Following our previous edition on Artificial Intelligence, we come here to the core of the intelligence which is the human being. Emotional intelligence (EI) forms the juncture at which cognition and emotion meet, it facilitates our capacity for resilience, motivation, empathy, reasoning, stress management, communication, and our ability to read and navigate a plethora of social situations and conflicts
 There have been some interesting statistics about emotional intelligence and project management that were founded by OfficeTeam, which is a staffing agency. They revealed that four in ten HR managers believe that soft skills, including adaptability, problem-solving, and communication, are more challenging to teach people than technical abilities. It was also revealed that 43% of HR managers identified increased morale and motivation as the main benefit associated with having staff that is emotionally intelligent.

In this edition we are addressing the importance of emotional intelligence in managing projects.

We are pleased to have Debra Kasowski, speaker, certified executive coach and author, as a key author. Along Debra, we have very insightful articles written by our valued authors and covering most aspects of EI in the life of project managers and their impact on success.