Rita El Chammas

Rita El Chammas

Project Manager

  • Years as a PM15

Rita's Feedbacks


Attitude of the project team is what matters the most in a project! It should be always agile! Promoting flexibility, self-organizing, transparency. To be able to adapt to changes and environment, to motivate and be motivated, to seek for success. Communication, connection and retrospectives are very encouraging in a project! We should all be aligned on the project objectives, scope, and risks. We all share same vision and we should all be involved in the planning and analysis! As a team, we should learn from our and other mistakes without blaming putting ourselves in other shoes to understand their pains or problems and willing to help. Agile focuses on deliverables and profits for sure but at the same time promotes team spirit, human values, success and achievements! “Agile” is essential to conduct a healthy and dynamic project. Planning and deadlines are also important; a project not organized without reporting tool is a mess! Project managers should adopt a project methodology tailored according to the industry, environment and the stakeholders involved in the project always in agile spirit respecting phases and deadlines. If Hybrid is the way, we plan tailored and organized project using agile principles! Let us go Hybrid!