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Mubashir Memon

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All projects - regardless of size and complexities require clear priorities. Knowing how to prioritize work affects the success of your project, engagement of the team, and your role as a leader. Having a tool may help prioritize but as a leader it is vital to ensure you understand the tasks which are necessary and how you can incorporate strategy & innovation to achieve progress.
As a Senior Product/Program Manager, I like to have daily stand up meetings with the various teams that are contributing to my projects in order to ensure alignment and clarity of goals for that day. These meetings are relatively short in nature (10-20 minutes) however, make an immediate impact as all team members are able to share what they're working on, what barriers they may be facing, what are some wins the team can celebrate, and how you as a leader can help support & drive progression. This methodology may seem simple conceptually however, how these meetings are strategically led make an immediate impact. I find it vital to give the team a voice and ensure we are always marching towards the same vision, mission, and goals for each and every initiative and project.
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