Héctor Vega

Héctor Vega

Director de PMO Global

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The best methodology to manage a project is the one that best suits the project. And what I say is "obvious", but unfortunately today it is not usual. Either due to ignorance of Agile, or because we want to apply Agile at all costs, we find projects that are not managed properly, which causes one way or another the failure of it. The answer is to "apply common sense" in the decisions we make and talking about the matter, in the choice of the methodologies that will be used to manage a given project. The Hybrid approach gives us freedom, and forces us to apply common sense, having to analyze the different stages of the project to apply in each one the methodology that best fits. I bet on "common sense", and if Hybrid let you apply it, go for it.

The biggest challenge facing PM in the world of technology is to adapt to completely different scenarios between one project and another, and having to apply different ways of working to achieve success in their projects. Technology, as well as the way to manage it, move and change very quickly and as you lose the thread, you fall behind.