Gabriela Coelho

Gabriela Coelho

Project facilitator

  • Years as a PM2

Gabriela's Feedbacks


Amongst the multiples roles and responsibilities of a Project manager, there is one variable to which he/she must be always attentive to. More uncertain than a Project Timeline, more risky than any Risk matrix and just as relevant as the Project budget, engaging the project team can be a huge challenge, but also make/ or break a Project. With work environments being so diverse nowadays, Project participants often come from different backgrounds, places, generations and lifestyles. Not to mention the hectic work-routine, priorities, individual responsibilities and limited time to do everything. In order to make it work, the Project manager's hability to really engage people and help them focus their energy, time and work towards the common objectives is key. So how to do that? Since we're talking about people, hardly ever there is a "one-size-fits-all" solution. One thing that applies to pretty much everyone, though, is the longing for appreciation. The feeling of belonging and being accepted can be deeply motivating, and unlock people's will and commitment unlike any task list. So taking the time to listen and make work relations more human can really go a long way towards bringing up everyone's energy and will aiming for project success. In an era where we all seem to be running out of time, we should remember to set priorities: Projects are temporary, but the impact we have in other people's lives can last really long - for better or for worse.