Stephanie Jaeger


AI is sometimes made to sound like this big monster that is coming. Yet we have all been using some elements of AI in our lives already. If you use an app or a search function in the internet you are using AI. In any project management software or scheduling software we have been using elements of AI already. I think we can only agree that these have made our lives easier! When is the last time you created a WBS with pencil and a ruler on paper? What about automated emails from updates in the PMIs? I strongly believe that AI is going to make several parts of project management much easier:

  • Communication – the written part of dissemination of information
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement
  • Resource Allocation across several projects
  • Scope Management
  • Cost Management

I am sure the list will continue. However AI is based on algorithms and I doubt that it will replace the human element of people management any time soon. We should embrace AI in project management as a tool that will free our time from paper work and leave us with more time to dedicate to the people element of project management