Amir Hashlamoun

I strongly believe that Project Management is an essential skill to everyone, not only for construction projects. People need to understand how to manage projects the right way, and PMI is a very successful on building the knowledge and experience to anyone who is willing to be successful on managing projects and achieving the needed results. Based on my experience l, and as an MBA holder and PMP Certified with the PMI, my certification with the PMI helped me a lot more than my MBA degree on the market of the Middle East as a Project Management Trainer/Practitioner. I strongly advice every employee, manager or business owner to start learning the best practices of how to manage projects through PMI registered education providers in order to succeed on their lives. I am very happy with my certification with the PMI, and will keep spreading the knowlege of their Project Management courses in the Middle East and to help people manage projects successfully. 50 years of success, well done PMI. Amir Al Hashlamoun Project Management, MBA, PMP Project Management Trainer / Practitioner Dubai, UAE +971 55 1043276