Thomas Walenta

In 1988 I decided to pursue a career in project management, after 14 years as software developer and systems engineer. Cutting ties with technical careers enabled me to switch to dealing with people and help to reduce their uncertainty. Which is what we do: we tackle your problems, find solutions for you, support in finding out what you want and show you how to get there. PMI became a part of my life in 1998, when I achieved my PMP answering 400 questions in 8 hours. I was also asked to lead the PMI Frankfurt Chapter, which I grew for 8 years. For the term 2006-2008 I was elected to the PMI Board, and again 2017-2019. In between I served 6 years on the PMI Ethics Review Committee. PMP changed my self-understanding, my reputation and my confidence to be able to reduce any uncertainty. PMI volunteering brought me a global network of like-minded, a sandbox to test skills of leading without authority, and a continuous positive feeling of being needed and able to help others.