Akhalaque Ansari

I Just can’t think of one benefit that the PMI credentials have Offered me over the years The biggest impression of the knowledge attained was how I thought and acted on the projects/programs I drove Before attaining my PMP I would do the scoping, scheduling without even looking at major Risks, Issues or structured communication! I never followed a structured approach to running my projects/Programs, quantifying Risks and categorically engaging stakeholders Every company may have its own Project/Program Management best practices, but the international standard is still governed by PMI Nobody can guarantee the success of projects/Programs but if we implement the PMI best practices learned, the “probability “of the success rate increase dramatically It’s all about increasing the “probability of success “even though the Project success may be an assumption until attained My PMI credentials have also helped me gain more traction and respect with the people I work I went from being a Project/Program Management Professional to a person who is looked upon as a mentor, Influencer and educator PMI credentials Transform you into a “Process champion “which is imperative for the success of any Project/Program Engagement that a Professional drives!