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Program Management

Program Management is the specific and coordinated efforts to group a series of similarly structured or interrelated projects to achieve the program objectives and obtain benefits and control not available by managing program components individually. Program Management is typically used in larger organizations with formal project management processes in place.

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How does a project manager lead in a project crisis and turn the ship around before it sinks? (By Mamta)

“Be Prepared” are the two words which can help any project manager to turn around the sinking ship. But by just being prepared is enough, NO..so what is it?


Yes “Knowing is half the battle”. If a Project Manager knows all crucial aspects of his project which means not only resource management but also has a good grip on Domain and technology, his ship will never sink or he will reduce the damage of sinking ship to a great extent. Project Managers do extensive exercise in the beginning and make elaborate documents for Project Plan, Risk Management and Change Management. The same are forgotten half way through the Project monitoring and execution. These are some of the critical aspects of any Project and if these are monitored through the Project duration and Project Managers pay attention to Early warning Signs, the ship will not sink and even if reaches that stage, the damage / risk can be mitigated to the least possible.

And if at all the situation arises, Project Manager need to manage the crisis with Calmness and has to ensure that teams don’t get into panic mode. The situation needs to be handled by being realistic & optimistic and at the same time keeping the motivation level of teams high and their restlessness at the lowest.

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