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The Evolution and Development of Project Management in the Education Industry of Canada


This assignment includes the entire information regarding Project Management. The information of its evolution, The Canadian Education System introducing the importance of project management are all described in detail in the assignment. The information about the importance of project management is also mentioned here. There are different types and steps of project management that have been mentioned in this assignment. The increase in the development of Project Management courses in the Canadian Education System has been analyzed in a very detailed manner.

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Project management is a process that applies the understanding of dexterity, the tools and the techniques that help in the successful completion of the project and the successful achievement of the goals of the projects without any severe hindrances. A Project can be of various kinds and we are always a part of some of the other projects in our daily life. In our households, we maintain the budget, this is a project. In our professional lives, we are to meet the expectations of our managers and our position; this is a project as well. The only difference in professional project management is that here, we take care of the entire project ourselves because we do not have assist manpower but in a large scale, a professional project manager is supposed to allocate duties, make agendas, follow up the entire process, plan contingency actions, etc.

Project management became a part of the education system, when it was realized that project manager is an extremely important position in any organization and that an individual who is responsible for the same much possess the acquired knowledge and education as well (Azzopardi, 2019).

Evolution of Project Management

In 1965, The International Project Management Association was founded and started in Vienna. This was started by a group where project managers could share the knowledge and their information with each other. A federation of 50 national and international project management associates was included and this was registered in Switzerland with the motive to promote and enhance project management as a profession. In the year 2012, IPMA had around 120,000 members in their forum.

Project Management Institution was founded as a non-profit organization by five volunteers to enlighten people about the skills and tools of project management as a profession in the year 1969. It was very important to disclose the science and the technique involved in becoming a professional project manager. The non-profit organization was the first one to include project management as an educational topic for students to pursue (Haughey, 2014).

When was Project Management introduced in the Canadian Education System?

The evolution of Project management dates back in the 19th Century. This technique has been very popular and has been employed by many of the professionals in organizations, but there was no specific term used called “Project Management.” This technique is definitely very much used in every country and its infrastructure most importantly. Project management course has been introduced in the education system in the 20th century because of the widespread project managers needed in the completion of the successful projects in every country.

Canadian Education system is one the most famous and widespread education systems across the globe. It has many programs and courses that the students can pursue. Project management courses have recognized on large scale for the reason for the growth in the business industry and the size of the organizations as well. After the Project Management Institute being started in 1969, every country adopted this course as part of its education system. It is a delicate matter to be handed over to an individual for the purpose that the individual will be completely responsible for the success or the failure of the project. Canada has been serving the students of the country as well as the immigrants with their numerous courses in their universities.

Important of Project Management in the Education Systems

The art of project management is very vital and intriguing. This was considered as a very important career skill for the organizational staff. Although project management is not a new task for the organization, what was emphasized was the skills and the knowledge which were needed to expand with the passing time and the increased innovation of the technology. For the students, it was a very important aspect to be explored. Learning the art of project management within the education system was quite a milestone achieved. From the research, we also found that most of the immigrants are attracted to this course.

The reason that this course is given the importance to this extent is that without a post- graduate diploma certificate in Project management, Canadian companies do not provide for the job as a project manager. Project Management Professional is an internationally recognized professional title that is offered by the Project Management Institutes. Canada has set a benchmark in elevating the importance of Project Management Professionals.

Types and Steps of Project Management in Education system:

There are different types of project management courses that then students can pursue. Some of them are described as follows:

  1. Expression Projects: These projects are about one’s communication skills. The project manager must select an expression and make designs and plans according to the same. This must be tested on others to receive feedback and then the final project must be based on the reviews and the feelings of others.
  2. Debate Projects: An issue of ideology must be targeted; the findings and research work must be attempted with the view to present the strength and the weaknesses of the issue. Targeted audience have an impact and feedback on the same.
  3. Scientific Enquiry: There has to be a question that would need research and building a hypothesis. Through tests and experiments, the results of the hypothesis would be determined.
  4. Engineering Design: These types of projects identify the problem, brainstorm in order to find the resolutions to the same. The solution must be built and tested and the successful results must be shared.
  5. Design Thinking: There has to be a creation of a design, modification, and innovation on the same and then there has to be a prototype of the design which has to be accepted and acknowledged as well.
  6. Project-Based Thinking: This comes after the launch of any project, it has to analyze the important driving questions and then develop answers and products around the same. The final product and answers will be displayed.
  7. Project Management: The management process must be started as planned. It must be monitored and followed up per scheduled and then the processes close after the completion of the inspection process.
  8. Learning Projects: The project must be defined as planned and the activities related to the same must be conducted. Lastly, there has to be a review carried out (Vander Ark, 2017).

Development of Project Management in the Education System of Canada

These days development of project management in the education industry is getting its own label. In substance, Project Management is the art of managing all the aspects of a project from inception to closure using a scientific and structured methodology. It cover  pinpointing  claim, implementing  fine  and attainable purpose, balancing the competing demands from the distinctive  stakeholders and making sure that commonality of purpose is executed. Project management is not a new management innovation. It is a professional proceeding that has reached wide acceptance in many industries from government to technology. Organizations that have endorsed project management as a pivotal faculty have favored from improved project outcomes to significant competitive merit.

The Graduate Certificate in Project Management program will provide one with leading-edge instruction in project management best practices, project leadership, team dynamics, and project negotiations. The curriculum promises the progressive gear one needs to make a contribution and thrive in this hastily growing profession. In Canada PMP® is designed for students pursuing a career within the field of project management. The coursework offers students knowledge of the approaches and techniques required in project management, and a 12-month Cooperative presents precious paintings experience in the industry. College Students who effectively entire the program will acquire a Canadian College challenge control diploma and might be prepared to venture to get hold of either PMI's PMP® certification (minimum 3 years related work experience) or the CAPM® certification. Canadian companies will hire only if one has Canadian experience. An apprentice needs to take an internship and need to get good grades in project management so one can find a temporary job for a span of time and then later can get a permanent position.

Unfortunately, people from other countries seeking for a job in Canada is not given any chance. As a Canadian company does not directly absorb people outside. People have to pass the postgraduate course from Canada with good grades from reputed universities then the chances of getting a job to become more efficient.

Many educational institutions offer intensive and comprehensive PMP® Certification Training in Canada that will enable people to clear PMP® examination with ease, and thereby, improve their employability. The Project Management Certification Training in Canada is not just interactive, but also ensures that one will be able to plan and execute minute details of any project from conception to conclusion. PMP® Certification in Canada is regarded around the world, and the task managers, who collect the certification, are exceedingly sought-after. The PMP® Certification schooling provides through Unichrone covers five performance domains which might be essential to each section of a venture.

The PMP® Training in Canada is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding and understanding of the scope of a task, the costing and different vital areas of venture control. As an end result, candidates gather the right skills and knowledge to manipulate projects efficiently and effectively in real-international situations. While enrolling for PMP® Certification schooling in Canada one can possibly opt for the trainer-led Online Sessions or In-schoolroom Training to enhance their competence to seem for PMP® Examination successfully. The PMP® Exam guidance schooling in Canada will grasp one the concepts of project management that are highlighted in A manual to the Project Management Body Knowledge - Sixth Edition, and shape the idea of PMP® examination.
PMP® Certification schooling in Canada is aimed to provide with enterprise relevant case studies and also present Project Management Trends to make sure that individuals are geared up thoroughly. Canadian Certified PMP® Trainer will ensure individual attention and domain specific explanations which will also boost the understanding PMP® Key Concepts. Route Book (bodily/Digital Copy), PMBOK® 6th Guide, 35 Contact Hours Certificate and additionally PMP® Practice Test Questions and solutions are in the PMP® Exam Prep Training Course in Canada ("Project Management | ontariocolleges.ca", 2019).

Project Management jobs are high in demand. So, in lots of instances, the majority practice for these jobs. It’s miles resource and time consuming for the corporation to interview and examine the competencies of all the applicants. As such, they’re likely to filter out as many people as possible even before the project control interview manner. That is wherein the PMP® education in Canada proves useful as it is one of the most objective methods in which one should shortlist the applicants. Furthermore, many corporations are making it obligatory to have a PMP® Certification, which means one cannot even practice for some positions without the PMP® Certification.  

PMP® schooling in Canada is globally diagnosed. Many certifications program attention handiest on a specific area or geography, whereas PMP® Certification Training, however, is worldwide and works with any enterprise and in any place. So, regardless of the professional historical past and organization, people can acquire by means of including the Project Management Certification to their profile. If a person is just about to start off their career in project management, then PMP® education in Canada will add up for the dearth of enjoying. Say people are experienced and featured a shown track record of their work. Then PMP® Certification can take one to the following degree in their organization.

PMP® Certification Training in Canada has extremely excessive requirements. As such, it isn’t always that clean to clear this examination without monstrous practice. Moreover, it needs college students to master the sensible utility of the material. Achieving PMP® Certification will consist of getting to know numerous tough and tender talents. It constructs the knowledge of fundamental project management methods tools, techniques, and methodologies. Similarly, it reveals humans to first-rate practices and ongoing traits in project management. One can also study new techniques, strategies, and hints in project management activities ("The Project Management Association of Canada / Association de Gestion de Project du Canada | Project Management Association of Canada / Association de gestion de project du Canada", 2019).



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