- December 2019
Stakeholders... The essence of projects

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Stakeholders... The essence of projects - December 2019

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Stakeholders, their contribution and resistance..

In psychology, the concept of resistance to change refers to people experiencing emotional anxiety caused by the prospect of a transformation or change that is taking place. Therefore, it was thought that eliminating this resistance was enough to motivate people to accept the change as an opportunity for improvement & development.

Stakeholders are always a key factor in all projects, their contribution can indeed result in the success or failure of any project. In this edition, we will zoom in a little on this topic and share with you articles from different authors. We have 5 new authors that we are thrilled to have their valued work with us.

In addition to that, our SME section for this month tackles the resistance to sharing information, which also provides a good insight on how to tackle it by understanding the reasons behind it.