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The ‘house’ of Scrum? … A house, indeed!

Albeit having no graphical skills, I understand the power of visualization.

In 2011 I intuitively used a house as a representation and metaphor for Scrum and an environment of Scrum. I used my "house of Scrum" in the 1st edition and 2nd edition of my book "Scrum - A Pocket Guide" (2013-2019). Today it still expresses my intuition. But repeatedly being asked "Why a house?" became an invitation to explain my intuition.

A house, indeed. When I get asked why a house, people often point me to other representations that in my view are more of a temple. And, while temples may be great environments, they are places where people go for silence, step out of the world for a while, to meditate, to pray, or to worship and worse. To represent an environment of Scrum, I like a house more. A house is a place where people live, talk, do stuff, interact, collaborate. Or take a break, rest and reflect, as needed.

The walls of my house of Scrum represent the main activities of Scrum, inspection and adaptation. The foundation of the house, the foundation for those main activities, is transparency. Transparency determines the strength of the walls and the house. The inspection-and-adaption process of Scrum depends and builds on transparency, while at the same time enhancing it. The roof of the house of Scrum protects the inhabitants from external circumstances and disturbances. It is the Increment that keeps us safe. Its Done-ness determines how well we are protected from rain, thunder, storm, snow, or heat waves.

In the house of Scrum we perform creative work, aka development. We 'create' rather than build or produce (it is not a manufacturing line). The behavior of the inhabitants is what influences the dynamics of the creative process within the house the most. The way that the inhabitants enact Scrum is determined by much more than just knowing the rules of Scrum. The liveliness, the vivacity, the agility inside of the house depend on how the inhabitants act upon an understanding of the combination of rules, principles and values of Scrum, and the tactics they chose to apply.

I wholeheartedly welcome you in the house of Scrum. We can use all help in re-humanizing the workplace!

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Published at pmmagazine.net with the consent of Gunther Verheyen
Source of the article: {Linkedin} on [2019-10-24]