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Is the Hybrid approach the solution to The Problem?

Is the Hybrid approach the solution to The Problem? Before giving an answer, let me launch a new question: really, what is The Problem? Why does the Waterfall methodology not work? or why does Agile not work?

We could analyze several factors, but today I would like to focus on one of them ... the adequacy of the methodology to the project.

As on other times, the problem arises in the top management. I have seen, ones and again, how the managers of a company let themselves be dazzled by the wonders of Agile... because Agile evangelists firmly believe that they have The Solution, and companies are not sure how to solve their problems. So suddenly and magically, if you apply Agile all the problems disappear, the work goes smoothly, project ends on time, on quality, on budget and we are all happy. Of course, there is no way to say no, and that manager gives orders to apply Agile... to every living project!

As on other times, we found the second part of the problem: employees obey and apply Agile in projects where it makes sense... and in many others where it does NOT and this is where the difficulties really rise. Surely it has happened to everyone, but for some reason we are not able to stop this kind of wave.

What do we try with the hybrid approach? easy, not having to apply a methodology "because it is mandatory" in a given project, or in other words, have the option of using the one that is always best.

We will agree that the methodologies try to cover all cases to be able to adapt to most of the projects, but at the same time, we find today a market that evolves faster and faster, with a changing demand and irruption of new technologies that complicate the execution of projects. In my opinion, none of the methodologies that exist today have the answer to ALL projects. The answer is to "apply common sense" in the decisions we make and talking about the matter, in the choice of the methodologies that will be used to manage a given project.

The hybrid approach gives us freedom, and forces us to apply common sense, having to analyze the different stages of the project to apply in each one the methodology that best fits.

Does the hybrid address the solution to the problem? In my humble opinion, the answer is NO, Hybrid will help us decide what is always best, but if we apply it with the same lack of criteria that we apply today, one methodology or another... the problem will still exist. And if you think about it, the answer to this question was clear from the beginning. Methodologies are never the answer to the problems we face in companies... they are simply tools that help us in management, but we must always apply them with common sense.

I encourage you to stop, take a few minutes to really analyze what your goals are and what are the problems that prevent you from achieving them and then start solving them one by one.

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