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The Unified Project Management Dictionary

Hammock Activity

In a schedule network diagram, a hammock activity is a type of summary activity that represents several grouped and unrelated smaller activities that occur over a segment of the project’s life to simplify the total number of activities displayed.

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Hybrid ( Waterfall/ Agile), is it a solution or hidden problem?(Massimo)

Agile, Hybrid or Waterfall to manage projects today?

Agile, Hybrid or Waterfall to manage projects today? Do we have Pandora's box from which we randomly bring out an approach to our project?   If this is the case, we will have discovered the means that facilitates problems in the choice of project management. But unfortunately, that's not the case.

The project context, the type of product we need to deliver, the boundary variables, the constraints of the project, make the choice on one approach over another facilitates our choice aimed at having maximum productivity with a sustainable project, that achieves our product and project goals.

Today we often mention the agile approach to a traditional approach: we often see more and more companies wanting to focus on fast techniques, such as "quick and dirty", which facilitate the result in time and cost and that maximize the value creation.

Of course it must be said that an agile approach is more congenial in today's social context where everything is changeable, from the social, economic and political context; from the increasingly competitive market and this means that we are trying to manage projects with increasingly agile techniques and times where the deliverable of a part of the product is readily verified, approved and working and have a minimal viable  product  as soon as possible.

However, we must not forget the traditional approach that has worked so much in the past and which is still the best way for some projects to manage the project; just think of the construction sector where projects often have to be fully planned to have the final product.

In my experience I often prefer traditional approaches with a thought aimed at Lean, where you pay special attention to everything that can involve waste for the project and therefore maximize the value by having special attention to the appearance often feedback from customer and stakeholders and to be particularly focused on increasing the value of the project with actions aimed at achieving it.

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