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The Unified Project Management Dictionary


An outcome towards which work is directed, a strategic position to be attained, a purpose to be achieved.

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Project Management Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday, many project managers were relying on their project management experience, shared knowledge and success stories from the limited network around them ,in most organizations project managers were the ones who controlled everything ...Today the concept is shifting more into leadership, the importance of collaboration and shared responsibility among team members has proven its effectiveness, everyone is connected from everywhere and the model of having remote management / virtual teams is trending, you might find project team distributed among different locations/countries working remotely to serve the same project which introduced the need for project managers to develop their skills and ways of working to ensure successful management of their projects.. It’s always recommended to know where you stand and what skill needs to be developed (leadership, emotional intelligence ...etc.) to be able to manage project team under any situation with minimal associated risks. 

Many project management methodologies were mainly established according to real life successful projects and experiences... Today as we have many project management schools and libraries, project managers have more luxury selecting the most suitable methodology to manage their projects and tailor it if needed, some organizations don’t follow a certain methodology and rely on each project manager to work in his own way, other organizations already follow certain methodologies and have their own tailored processes and even automated them to allow their project managers to be utilized in project management tasks that needs more human intervention and focus which increases chances of success. 

The 4th industrial revolution era has started, which is a higher degree of complexity and related to many technological and business advancements and directly linked to project management in all fields, some project management practices are already being updated to keep up with these changes, if you’re not feeling the change now or impacted by it, be sure that the change is coming, it’s highly recommended to be proactively ready for the change...Tomorrow, it will be hard to rely only on project management concepts and knowledge, you will need to associate it with more technical and business awareness. 

Some project managers are still relying only on their own personal experience and reinventing the wheel while others are making use of what is already in place and utilize their time to learn more and keep up with the fast and huge changes happening around ...We all admit that project management is originally a practice before being known as a science, however this practice alone soon will not be enough, being aware of where we stand now and what is needed to be ready for tomorrow and start doing it will decrease the probability of becoming a risk to our own projects. 

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