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The Unified Project Management Dictionary

Project Phase

Project Phase is a collection of project-related activities that culminates in the completion of one or more deliverables. The project phases are typically completed sequentially, however, in some cases, they might overlap.

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Benefits of having a project management consultant in your team

Your team may have all the basic skills for managing projects, but it still makes sense to hire a specialised project management consultant. This external professional will bring a new edge to the efficiency and abilities of your project team, enhancing the outcome of your project. Here are some benefits of integrating a project management consultant into your team.

The inflow of specialised skills

Your internal project managers may be quite adept at handling routine duties and programs, but your team may be embarking on a new project that requires specialised skills that your employees simply don't have. External project management consultants thrive in these situations because they have a wide range of special skills gained through training and experience. When these specialists join your team, they inject it with the knowledge needed to push the new project towards its successful completion.

Vast experience

Since internal project managers only deal with the field in which they have been employed, they may lack the experience needed to venture into new projects. But project management consultants thrive on networking and building relationships in a wide range of fields, hence, they have greater experience than internal managers. This experience will breathe new life into your team and help it tackle fresh challenges that occur in the course of the new project.

A level of objectivity

Internal project managers, because of their familiarity with company culture, may not be able to identify flaws in the system which may limit the success of the project. An external project manager, on the other hand, comes with a fresh perspective and will be able to identify inherent weaknesses in the system and help solve them before they derail the project. Their attention to detail will point out potential flaws that internal personnel may have overlooked.

A panacea to office politics

All workplaces experience disagreements and general office conflicts from time to time. An internal employee may not be able to easily iron out such differences because workmates already consider them to have taken sides. But external consultants will be viewed as neutral by virtue of being new to the board, so they stand a better chance of reconciling the affected parties.

There’s 4 advantages of bringing in new project management thinking – what other benefits have you experienced in bringing in specialist project management consultants on to projects? 


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