- March 2019
Uncontrolled Scope... Scope Creep & Gold Plating

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The Unified Project Management Dictionary

Change Control Board

A formally constituted group (chartered committee ) of stakeholders responsible for reviewing, evaluating, approving, denying, or rejecting a change to the project, and for recording and communicating such decisions. In short, any changes to the Baseline Requirements agreed with the client, should be taken up by the project team on approval from this committee.

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Uncontrolled Scope... Scope Creep & Gold Plating - March 2019

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“We see that 52% of the projects completed in the past 12 months experienced scope creep or uncontrolled changes to the project’s scope, which is a significant increase from 43% reported five years ago. Champions report faring better with managing uncontrolled changes; however, an average of one-third of their projects experience scope creep (33% champions and 69% underperformers).” - PMI’s / Pulse of the Profession 2018 Report.

Most projects seem to suffer from Uncontrolled Scope, and both project teams and stakeholders are consistently frustrated by it. Why does an effective means of controlling scope seem to continually elude us? And how to avoid it in your next projects.

In this edition, we look at different aspects of the Uncontrolled Scope and how from different point of views. Accompanied by a set of articles on different subjects related to the Project Management published in February 2019.