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The Unified Project Management Dictionary

Data Date

Data Date is a point in time when the status of the project is recorded by separating actual (historical) data from future (scheduled) data. Also called the as-of date.

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Project Management Process

The Project Management Process in a nutshell.

  • To simplify project execution, you can break each project into phases. Each phase can further be broken down into distinct tasks and outputs.
  • The following is the project management process:
  • The objective of the Conception phase is to determine whether the project is viable and will deliver good ROI. The key tasks of the Conception phase are developing project requirements, forming the team, mapping stakeholders, developing the business case, and developing a high level time plan. Risks and assumptions should be noted.
  • The Definition phase adds greater clarity to the project. The output is a Project Management Plan that includes all the other steps in phase 2. At the end of phase 2, you must gain approval from senior management to begin implementation.
  • The key tasks in the Implementation phase are to motivate the team to execute the plan, track and report progress, and to take action if things are not going to plan. The business case and time plan must be kept updated. In the implementation phase, you must implement risk management actions and project controls, and create the handover plan. The output of this stage is a complete and tested project output.
  • The Handover phase is about executing a smooth transition from the project team to a permanent team. It includes documentation of the time, costs, and outputs of the project. The business case should be finalized – for example, what the final costs were. Finally, we should conduct a post-project review so that the organization learns from mistakes and continues to use successful practices. The output is a successful transition from a project to an ongoing business activity.

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