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The Unified Project Management Dictionary

Cost Management Plan

Cost Management Plan is a detailed document of project or program management plan that details how costs will be planned, funded, structured, and controlled to keep the costs of the project/ or the program within the limits of the budget.

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The Impact of Risk Management on IT Projects

The Impact of Risk Management on IT Projects

Many organizations, despite of dimensions, enlist in not less than one and often numerous Information Technology (IT) projects and programs each year. Yet, these projects and programs such as the National Health Service nationwide events or the implementation of the Avis Enterprise asset designing or the Sainsbury supply string of connections system often have a high rate of failure.


Project and program management, in its up to date pattern, started to take origin only a couple of decades ago. Start in the early 1960s; businesses and other organizations began to glimpse the benefit of organizing work around projects and to realize the critical require communicating and incorporating work across multiple departments and professions. Standards in project management are various. Most superior are those of the PMI (Project Management Institute) and the APM (Association for project management). Those suggested by the PMI are broadly utilized and are advised to be a competency standard.

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