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Your monthly dose of Project Management articles.

Ajay Shenoy

Ajay Shenoy

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Project | Program Consultant | Agile Consultant | Digital Applications

Ajay Shenoy has been involved in Software engineering since 2007. He started working as a software developer and slowly incorporated into a technical program manager.He is a Certified Scrum Professional and has good knowledge on Prince2, Agile, Lean,Scrum, Kanban and SAFe frameworks. Along with expertise in Project management, he has deep interest in Technology side. With this skills, he Ajay can help people understand process as well as understand agile. Ajay has a perfect blend with Project management with technical skills and business acumen. Ajay started his Agile journey in 2012, as part of engineering team's to develop custom software.He practised scum and other agile frameworks in delivery successful products within the limited time frame. Ajay is proficient in Engineering practices Scrum, Lean Software development, Kanban and has designed several solutions/ market roll out working with product/services companies He believes in following key agile practices like Just In Time, Value Stream mapping, Refactoring, Improving lead and cycle time. He single handedly built a group and which comprised of 700 employees with different skills/roles. He indulges in several meets/ conferences and sharing knowledge on public platforms like linkedin with reference to agile. Ajay has coached/trained several teams in different organizations he was part of on agile and to improve their existing framework. He has a Master degree in IT & Finance and is currently based out of Bangalore.
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